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Doug Brinley - architectural metrologist

Architectural metrology - update on stuff in the works

We're rolling out a new format for the architectural metrology blog.  The new format will have enhanced functionality for our readers.  One of the key considerations in making the decision to adopt a revised platform was the convenience to create and engage via commenting.  The interface has been working well on the administrative side, but it's obvious we want to encourage better online interaction between readers.  Look for the new blog format in December.

On the operations side, we have some news to report.  In the process of establishing the workflow for our successful case study at the Seattle Art Museum expansion, we identified an improvement opportunity which increases our confidence on setups requiring moving the instrument.  The revised workflow required our upgrading our prisms to the best available units.  Now we 'turn on glass.'  Also we added two prisms for a total of four high precision units.  On testing the revised workflow we confirmed our confidence on points was improved 20%.  The resulting performance benefit allows our working in spaces with occluded angles, and able to reach deeper into complex spaces, faster.

Subsequent blog posts will examine our getting the word out to the industry segments about architectural metrology.